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Hello! And welcome back BAF!

We are the operators of the Ballan Post Mike and Randa and we have a wonderful little team also with us, Manal and Maddy.

We consider our small team the little post family who are always delighted daily to provide Postal services to you, the wonderful Ballan community.

Believe it or not, we first saw the Ballan Post Office during our visit to the Ballan Autumn Festival exactly four years ago.

It was probably the least planned encounter which resulted in a huge change to our lives from that day onwards.

We loved the festival, we loved the vibes and of course, we fell in love with the post office. And wouldn’t you know, we found out the post office was looking for new custodians!

I guess it was love at first sight and everything just worked out in our Favour and everything after that is now a part of history. ( And a small part of BAFs history too 😉

Even though it was four years ago we have yet to be a part of the festival at all thanks to covid. And covid certainly changed the way we thought our time would start here. So we have faced a bunch of challenges that no business plan could have prepared us enough for.

I mean who can prepare for a global pandemic? And it did hit our business sharply. And on top of that, we had to learn a lot quickly. Like all of the names of the locals and their addresses, but also how to sort and handle an incredible volume of parcels never seen before with very little storage space and no staff to sort them! Pulling 12 hours days, to say we didn’t imagine our first few months to years here to be like this is an understatement. We did the best we could thanks to covid and now we’re feeling much more at home and where we ‘should be’.

Auspost has supported and promoted all our ideas. By helping us with our dream to expand our services to also renovating without shutting our doors and supporting us in winning a nomination to be a part of TV commercial (watch this space and for us on the tele around Christmas! )

We felt the love of this community from the day we attended BAF all those years ago and after the wrath covid dealt us all we are so excited to see the return of this festival with us as not only welcomed community members but as your trusted Ballan post office family.

We meet wonderful people daily, and most of you we also consider friends. That’s what makes our journey here so far, so rewarding.

So thank you BAF. In your own small way, you made a huge impact on our lives. Let’s hope we can keep this festival going as we all have 🙂

This is what we’ll have planned for you this year:

Australia Post BALLAN is proud to be a part of this year’s festival.
We will be open on Sunday the 13th of November for all your postal needs.

Whether you need to send off some Christmas letters, pick up a present or get some cash out to spend at all the fantastic stalls around the market BALLAN POST OFFICE is your one stop shop!
We’ll even have a little stall out the front so hop over and say hello!
We hope to see you there for a Bloom’n good time.

Thanks to our major sponsors:

Bendigo Bank
Bendigo Bank